Baby Naming Ceremonies (Formal Naming Ceremony)

Formal Baby Naming CeremonyBaby Naming CeremonyWhat’s in a name?

Whether you name your baby after a favourite relative for traditional or sentimental reasons, or coin a new name for your family, a Baby Naming Ceremony is a significant rite of passage in the early life of a child.

The formal bestowing of a name gives family and friends a moment to pause and reflect on the significance of a name carried by a person throughout his or her lifetime. A name is more than a label : it is a symbol that characterises a person’s nature and actions and builds a reputation. A name tells a story.

A formal Naming Ceremony is the first step in that story. As an alternative to a Baptism or a Christening, or in addition to religious rites, a Formal Baby Naming Ceremony provides an occasion for celebration and contemplation of the future life of your child.

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